Hear what you’ve been missing and reconnect with life with the Pioneer & Onkyo U.S.A. Corporation new Nani? PHA-M70 Personal Sound Amplifier. Already a top-seller in Japan, the Nani? is a simple, discreet, yet technically advanced hearing device that is the culmination of years of experience in digital processing.

Available now for $149.99, this lightweight (19g / 0.67 oz) earphone-and-amp package is a great alternative for anyone who could use a little help hearing daily conversations, TV dialog, phone-calls or even lectures in those cavernous college halls. In fact, the personal sound amplifier looks like a quality music player and is simple to use with one large power button and oversized volume wheel. It’s available in both champagne gold (PHA-M70G) and smoke gray (PHA-M70H).

Clearer Voices, Less Noise
Digital Signal Processing analyzes sound collected by the mics, optimizing vocal frequencies and suppressing unwanted background noise. All you need to do is pop in the earphones, and conversations spring clearly into focus.

Improved Sound Directionality
We hear in stereo, so it makes sense to have mics in both left and right ears. The Nani? collects and processes sounds so you know what direction they are coming from. Rather than isolating you from your surroundings, these earphones immerse you in them.

Howling Reduction Technology
A common problem with these types of devices is howling: feedback that’s audible by everyone around you. The Nani? has howling reduction so you can hear sound clearly and discreetly. You can even talk on the phone without feedback.

Automatic Level Adjustment
Sudden sharp or loud noises are not a problem. By the time the signal has reached the amp, automatic level adjustment has cut off the frequency spike and your ears are kept safe from startling sounds.

Balance Adjustment for L/R Earphones
You can adjust the volume level coming through the left and right earphones using a rotary control wheel. If you hear better in one ear than the other, you can easily compensate for comfortably balanced sound.

Sound Style and Convenience
These earphones look and feel like standard headphones, and feature quality 10mm (13/32˝) drivers for natural sound reproduction. Included are four different sets of silicon earphone tips for a soft, secure seal, and a self-fit holder prevents them from falling out. Supple cable and detachable clip lets this device fit comfortably into your everyday life.

Works All Day with One Fast Charge
When fully charged, the supplied special rechargeable battery returns about 21 hours of operation. The unit includes a visible (red light) and audible (beep) low power notification system, and the supplied cradle charger can fully repower the Nani? in approximately 3.5 hours. The amp also accepts standard dry cell AAA batteries.

Very Simple to Use
The Nani? has a one large, finger-friendly power button; an indicator light that tells you if the device is on or off; and a hefty volume wheel with numbers clearly displayed. Even the oversized stereo cable plug is easy to connect.

Note: The “Nani?” Personal Sound Amplifier is intended for use in amplifying daily sound within a user’s personal space and is not a medical instrument. The product is not certified for use as a medical hearing aid, nor is it intended as a replacement for a medical hearing aid for users with diagnosed hearing loss. Pioneer recommends that customers who are unsure of their medical status to seek a professional opinion on treatment options. Pioneer cannot be held responsible for injury or damage to property incurred while using this product.


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