Pioneer & Onkyo U.S.A. Corporation today announced its latest innovation in sound and design: the “Nani?” PHA-M70 Personal Amplifier, which will be on display at the Venetian Bassano Meeting Room #2601 during CES 2018. The culmination of years of experience in digital processing, “Nani?” is a simple, discreet, yet technically advanced bearing device. It has automatic ambient noise reduction; dual mics and DSP for natural directionality; L/R balance adjustment, and automatic input reduction to protect against sudden loud noises. Additionally, anti-howling technology lets users listen comfortably without feedback. All of which combine to vastly improve your ability to hear voices clearly.

Ideally Sized
“Nani?” is inconspicuously sized (33.5 x 76 x 14 mm H x W x D, excluding clip) and lightweight (19 g, excluding battery and clip) and its one large button / volume knob make it easy to operate with one hand. “Nani?” can last up to 21 hours per charge, with the included rechargeable lithium battery and accepts readily available triple-A and R03 cell batteries.

Hear the Sounds You Want
Technologies coalesce inside this compact device to let daily conversation and communication become rich and rewarding once more. Microphones for left and right ears collect sound for amplification and playback through two big 10mm drivers. Roll your thumb on the volume wheel to adjust the sound levels during conversations, watching TV programs, and in many other situations. The Nani earphones are comfortable, and the amp is lightweight so users will hardly know it’s there.

Note: The “Nani?” Personal Sound Amplifier is intended for use in amplifying daily sound within a user’s personal space, and is not a medical instrument. The product is not certified for use as a medical hearing aid, nor is it intended as a replacement for a medical hearing aid for users with diagnosed hearing loss. Pioneer recommends that customers who are unsure of their medical status to seek a professional opinion on treatment options. Pioneer cannot be held responsible for injury or damage to property incurred while using this product.


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